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URBAN MENUS educational
dialogue with a Resilient Future

Resilience will be the big upcoming topic for urban developers, architects as well as urban and rural development stakeholders. The green deal, a comprehensive policy framework for measuring the progress of a variety of development and planning parameters such as climate, energy, environment, economy, etc., will guide the project.

Through dedicated trainings and the development of an e-learning interface, a VR-tour and AR enhanced workshops, this EU co-funded project aims to raise the level of knowledge on resilience, its influencing factors and participation options.

With URBAN MENUS Trainings you can improve your development projects, for example urban district planning, by:

  • achieving higher Enviromental, Social and Governance rankings
  • improving quality of life
  • involving relevant stakeholders in a seamless way
  • using resources efficiently.

green deal fit

Through another Erasmus+ co-funded project in 2023, we were able to setup a series of trainings, making them accessible within a free-to-use workshop- and practice program.

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